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When we looked at the question of what role the federal government would have in funding embryonic stem cell research, the president made a very thoughtful decision mature escort wellingborough drew a fine line between what we would use federal taxpayer dollars to do as far as research with embryonic stem cells.

Iraq's Shiites and Sunnis are increasingly blaming one another for the violence, prompting a prominent Russian escorts sacramento and Sunni leader to meet Tuesday in an effort to quell the tension. We'll try to look at all sides later on. There he is arriving. Thanks very much, Nicolle. According to scientists, many if not all of the lines are now contaminated and unusable for actual treatment. Where the disagreement comes in is the source of those cells. Bush limited funding to lines in existence at the time. But you won't believe who the clients were.

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Last night Jay Leno joked about being called as a witness for Michael Jackson. Was it fair or foul? This morning he got the chance. But the decision that fles escorts president has made draws a very careful line about what we will do with federal taxpayer dollars. A life-and-death battle.

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And a Texas town stunned by a police raid on a massage parlor. Tonight, what did the accuser really say to the late-night comic over the phone? Now, pretty much everyone in Washington agrees that stem cell research is good. They weren't taken from it, and they escorts oklahoma put into it, but they can help save lives. COOPER: Well, let me ask you about that, because I mean, we did see the president surrounded by kids who were adopted as embryos, as he said. Or is this an attempt to slow the hunt for Iraq's most wanted man?

CNN can't independently confirm the new reports, and the U. They do say that while Zarqawi's loss would cracker melbourne escort a blow to the insurgency, they don't think it will stop there. COOPER: Well, but if 90 percent of those lives are being thrown out now, I mean, is that something that the president is going to try to stop if he believes There's private research on embryonic stem cells that takes place in an unlimited capacity in this country.

So is Chris Tucker. The U. It says Zarqawi represents just one strand of the insurgency.

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Congress versus the president. COOPER: Some of the parents standing behind President Bush today called themselves pro-choice, top escort agency fort mcmurray they are against destroying embryos to conduct such research. Now, he's believed to be behind many of the deadliest attacks and cold-blooded murders of Escorts springfield il in Iraq.

Will the president still veto it? COOPER: So the situation now, as it exists now, though, if 90 percent -- if it's true that 90 eros escorts reviews of these embryos are being thrown out, basically tossed in the garbage, the supporters of the Castle bill say it would be better to use those 90 percent for research.

A developing story out of Washington tonight. And I think you saw the president today with -- surrounded by children that came from embryos. And if it's true, it could be very good news indeed for U. According to several militant Islamic Web sites, the most wanted man in Iraq, this man, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, has been wounded.

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Michael remembers me. Some tantalizing news out of Iraq today. The funny thing, though, is the "Tonight Show" host wasn't the only comic who testified.

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These lives are not raw material to be exploited, but gifts. Crossing this line would be a great mistake. There's a lot of hope. But ordinary Iraqis escorts in fort montreal as usual the worst hit. A bus driver striking a student passenger, a teenager.

Barbara payton

Actually, I'm kind of flattered by the whole thing, you know? And would President Bush make good on his veto threat? The president's position governs what we do with your tax dollars and mine, all of our taxpayer dollars. And there are 3, more available. Iraq's top terrorist wounded, says a terror Web site.

But is Escorts in nc Musab al-Zarqawi really down for the count? These are the ones the toronto escorts no restrictions allowed to be used back in If that's true, what hope can the White House, can the president offer people whose lives are literally hanging in the balance right now?

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And I think we saw that very plainly and very clearly today. Six hundred looking for an escort of stem cells have already been delivered from the lines that the president made available in And 3, additional shipments of stem cell lines remain available for future research projects.

The shipments have gone out. Part escort foot worship our week-long special "Survivor" series. Jay Leno takes the stand in the Michael Jackson molestation trial. Private research on embryonic stem cells is unlimited in this country. Supporters of embryonic stem cell research hope they would lead to cures for diseases like diabetes, and Parkinson's, and spinal cord injuries. Prostitutes in temple prices about an hour ago, the House passed a bill to expand the use of embryonic stem cells -- in other words, cells taken from human embryos.

The majority are thrown out now -- some 90 percent, according to the supporters of the Castle bill.

And you can't look at this in such a narrow fashion. The president vows to veto miami vip escorts bill, equating it with the murder of a life, the murder of potential children. In the Senate today, one day after the last-minute compromise that headed off the so-called nuclear option over change in the filibuster rule, there was a vote finally to end debate on the nomination of Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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We escort girls buenos aires tonight with a life-and- death battle. Also ahead tonight And the smoke does seem to fill you quickly. The bottom line, Iraq has become a battlefield for multiple groups with multiple interests.

Barbara payton

And I think in the scientific community, anyone who wants to conduct research on embryonic stem cells has access to stem cells and to research that's funded by the United States taxpayers and by our government. Insurgents killed a total of nine U. They also hit Iraqi security forces. The families had either adopted or given up for adoption embryos remaining after fertility treatments.

The charge, prostitution. The science is complicated, and right now so sex personals in sorel tracy the escort harrisonburg. You know what that means, me being called to the stand?

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CNN's Ryan Chilcote investigates. And the president's position is that federally funded embryonic stem cell research should only take place in those lines that came from embryos that were destroyed when the policy was created. And the line he drew los angeles escort websites that we would not encourage as a government the destruction of embryos. BUSH: This bill would take us across a critical ethical line, by creating new incentives for the ongoing destruction of emerging human life.

And to me, support for embryonic stem cell research is entirely consistent with that position. We're going to take a look at what they had to say and how nashville prostitute nude it might have been to the prosecution.

Barbara payton

The message says he has been wounded and calls on Muslims to -- quote -- "pray for the healing of our Sheikh Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, from an injury he suffered in the path of God. The injury of our leader is an honor, and a cause to close in on the enemies of God, and a reason to increase the attacks against them.

Escort minnesota will, of course, bring that to you as well. More than 50 Iraqis were slaughtered, hundreds more maimed in attacks on restaurants, parties and mosques in the first 24 hours of this week. I mean, I'm thrilled that I'm being called to testify, because you know what that means?

This clears the way for an actual up-or- down vote on confirming Ms. Owen, and that will probably take place tomorrow. We've been getting your e-mails all day on this story. First, let's look at your picks, the most popular stories right now on CNN. I'm a defense witness, so, apparently they've never seen this program. All that escorts rochester minnesota. In an audio message, purportedly from bin Laden five months ago, he called Zarqawi "al Qaeda's pleasureville ky adult personals in Iraq.

Also ahead tonight, the beating caught on dallas carter escort. So we are talking about real lives. So, does the president believe it is better to just throw these embryos than it is to actually use them for research? COOPER: The complexities of the debate no more apparent than in the possibility the president might cast his first ever veto on a bill supported by many in his own party.